A Concise History of Project Awareness 1976-78


A Concise History of Project Awareness 1976-78


Project Awareness
Gay Activists Alliance
Gertrude Stein Democratic Club
Cade Ware
Dirk Bakker
Gay Peoples Alliance of George Washington University


The timeline (1976-78) covers the development of GAA’s Project Awareness, which aimed to raise awareness about the presence of gays and lesbians in society.


The timeline documents the process of designing and creating the Project Awareness posters, raising funds, and publicizing the project.

Original Format

This item is part of the Gay Activists Alliance Records collection, and is stored at the Historical Society of Washington, MS 0764, Series XVI GLAA, Folder 032.



“A Concise History of Project Awareness 1976-78,” Rainbow History Project Digital Collections, accessed July 23, 2018, https://rainbowhistory.omeka.net/items/show/4939305.

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