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What is Bieberism? (Jack Nichols); The Supreme Court will Review (David Wayne); The Government from Within (Evan Colodny); Logic & the Ethics of Sex (Foster Gunnison Jr); 1966 Index to The Homosexual Citizen.

Censorship (Ronald Dean); Why Should I Join (Jack Nichols); British Gaiety (Lilli Vincenz); The Government from Within (Evan Colodny); Our President Speaks (John Swanson); Newsfronts (Jack Nichols).

Hamilton Hotel Settles (Dr Franklin E Kameny); May 21st Nationwide Protest (Jon Swanson); Two Arrested for Extortion (David Slighton); The Goverbment from Within (Evan Colodny); The Standard of Love (Jack Nichols); Police Stop entrapment (David…

To Exist or Not to Exist (editorial); Letter from Civil Service Commission; MSW Meets with Civil Service Commission (Dr Franklin E Kameny); Homosexuality in Films (Henry McInnis); The Government from Within (Evan Colodney); Newsfronts (Jack Nichols);…

The Homosexual and the Psychoanalyst (Dr. George Weinberg); Newsfronts (Jack Nichols); Straight From the Shoulder: Speaking Out (Gail Johnson); Security Clearances for Homosexual Citizens (Dr. Franklin E Kameny); Bridge to Understanding (Lilli…

The Mattachine Society of Washington (MSW) published The Insider, a newsletter for members that covered aspects of life in Washington DC before the Gay Blade first appeared in October 1969. In the late 1960s, Eva Freund and Richard Schaeffers wrote…
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