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GLAA Radio Ad Paperwork.pdf
The files related to creating the GLAA radio ad

kirby v dc femsa redacted.pdf
This is the court order reversing the Office of Human Rights decision concerning employment discrimination and retaliation against Kenda Kirby and remanding the case for further proceedings.

This is a recording of the public hearing on the repeal of DC's sodomy laws.

third decade agenda glaa 1990.pdf
A platform for action by activists and DC government officials for the 1990s.

This form was created after the passing of "The Health Benefits Expansion Act" of DC on 11 June 1992, which created a domestic partner registry. Congressional riders prohibited the use of federal or local funds to enact the law, blocking…

without fear 1991.pdf
Flier for the first annual "Walk Without Fear" march against hate violence (15 Nov 1991, Dupont Circle).

wash lawyer.pdf
Cover story from this issue is a profile of 6 out gay and lesbian lawyers in DC. Coverage is pages 20-31, with a letter from the editor on page 5.

Per conversation with Mindy Daniels, participant and donor of this issue, there were very few out…

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