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GLF-DC is Recognized

David Aiken, one of the founders of GLF-DC, wrote an article (June23 - July 3, Quicksilver Times) celebrating the first Gay Pride week and calling on gay men and lesbians in DC to get together:

"Gay people are perhaps the last oppressed group to get themselves together...It's time for gays to surface, join with their comrades (both gays and right-on straights) and fight repression in all forms. If you want to rap with somebody about the idea of gay lib, call Mike Yarr during the day at 234-2000, or at night phone Dave Aiken at 2344287 or Miles Gritz at 965-2734. Power to the People! Gay Power to gay people!"

GLF-DC is Celebrated

A month later a follow-up article by a 'radical lesbian' on "Gay Liberation" invited "those brothers and sisters who are ready to 'come out and live'." to attend weekly meetings at 8 pm at Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown. 

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A Presence in the Press