An Anti-Organization

Conscious Counter-Culture

GLF-DC was a radical leftist organization, and many members had anti-war and counter-culture credentials. As a result, GLF was from the start anti-organization, with no officers, no dues, and no rules except those that emerged as people lived together (there were two collective houses, one at 1614 and, later, 1620 S St NW). Discussions were often heated and loud. They followed the model of counterculture "consciousness raising" discussions. At least initially, decision-making was by consensus. People became "members" by attending events or associating, though no one joined the GLF house without the residents' approval.


Despite a conscious decision against formal organization, Aiken announced a number of "glonks" (as committees/working groups were called) for political action (led by Chuck Hall), publications (led by Nancy Tucker at first), social events (led by Mike Ferri), ways and means (led by Dave Aiken), new members (led by Mob Morley), and women (led by Joan Carmody). Aiken also prepared a flyer further explaining the glonks for the August 4th meeting.

The Advance Guard
An Anti-Organization