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Faces of the Front

Among those involved with the Gay Liberation Front - DC and its two collectives were:

David Aiken, Will Balk, Steve Behrens, Warren Blumenfeld, Donald Button, Joan Carmody, Lou Chibbaro, Tim Corbett, David Duty, Howard Grayson, Chuck Hall, Michael Ferri, Miles Gritz, Chuck Hicks, Kent Jarratt, Stephen Jarratt [along with Kashi and Shima Rahman, one of two sets of brothers in GLF], Theodore Kirkland, Jim Lawrence, Terry Leigh, Brian Miller, Bruce Pennington, Jose Ramos, Tim Tomasi, Cade Ware, and Mike Yarr.

Among local activists briefly involved with GLF-DC were:

Dr. Franklin E Kameny, Eva Freund, Nancy Tucker, and Deacon Maccubbin.

Many members of the Gay Liberation Front - DC went on to lead or found other community organizations:

  • David Aiken: became a founder of Stonewall Nation Media Collective (Friends Radio), president of Washington Area Gay Community Council, writer and editor of the 1975 Just Us guide to the gay community, and Washington correspondent of The Advocate.
  • Warren Blumenfeld: became involved in writing and leading workshops on homophobia and outreach to GLBT students
  • Lou Chibbaro: became the longest serving journalist on the staff of The Washington Blade.
  • Tim Corbett: became one of the founders of the Gay Men's VD Clinic which became a central part of the Whitman-Walker Clinic
  • Theodore Kirkland: became one of the founders of Best Friends and of DC Black Gay Pride
  • Bruce Pennington: became a founder of Gay People's Alliance at GWU and of Stonewall Nation Media Collective, the first gay foster parent in DC, a founder and president of Black and White Men Together - DC, and a founder and vice-chair of Rainbow History Project
  • Cade Ware: became a member and president of Gay Activists Alliance and was prominently involved in local Democratic politics, wrote for The Blade, and was involved in Black and White Men Together.
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