Newsletters and Fliers of the LGBTQ Communities (Eaton-Kessinger, Series 2)


Newsletters and Fliers of the LGBTQ Communities (Eaton-Kessinger, Series 2)


Includes newsletters collected from various sources related to the activities of many community organizations. Fliers, advertisements, brochures and pamphlets related to these groups are also held with the newsletters. Some material related to non-DC groups and activities are also present and were most likely sent to people at the Center from contacts outside the city. This newsletter collection was created originally by the Gay Community Center of Washington, DC, during the 1980s, when it created a Gay and Lesbian Archives Project. After the Center closed, these materials were part of the Eaton-Kesinger Research Service, which transferred them to the Rainbow History Project, in December 2013.

Exemplary issues from the collection are scanned and presented online; all original materials are available as "MS 0764 RHP" at the Historical Society of Washington, DC. RHP will continue to add additional community newsletters as donated. A folder list is available.


The Gay Community Center of Washington DC [1980s]
The Gay and Lesbian Archive Project [1980s-1990]
The Eaton-Kesinger Research Service [1990-2013]
Rainbow History Project [2014-]

Collection Items

Calendar of activities and events for annual rodeo event

1995 December newsletter for social club for professional women

Newsletter for the national group about lesbian's experiences and opinions about considering children, creating a family, blending families, childrearing, and other issues of significance to lesbian mothers and their families.
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