Wayson Jones Papers, 1990-1994


Wayson Jones Papers, 1990-1994


Articles from BLK magazine relating to the African American gay experience in Washington, D.C. and flyers and a postcard advertising performances by Wayson Jones and his partner Essex Hemphill.


Jones, Wayson. Collector

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Includes photograph of Wayson Jones and Essex Hemphill.

Left to right: Essex Hemphill, Larry Duckette, Wayson Jones

Includes photograph of Essex Hemphill.

Includes obituaries for several Washington, D.C. residents: Nathaniel Anderson, Lloyd 'Lepercon' Meredith Cordell Credle, Kevin Scot Dickerson, Michael S. Hamilton, Walter W. Hayes, Philip S. Hicklen, Bryan Ellsworth Hutchins, and Kazas 'Kaz' Edward…

Includes ten additional news items about the Washington, D.C. Black gay and lesbian community, including a number of obituaries.

Includes obituaries for several Washington, D.C. residents: Gwen Alexander, Gordon Tyrone Dunn, Ernest A. Johnson, Jeffrey Patrick, Freeman Pollard, and Kelsey Pulliam.

Includes article entitled: Hemphill Appears in LA.; Writing Events Slated

Includes obituaries of Washington, D.C. residents Phillip B. McIntyre and Samuel "Ray" Mitchell.
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