Rainbow History Project Panel Discussions and Public Recordings


Rainbow History Project Panel Discussions and Public Recordings


The Rainbow History Project hosts public panels and group discussions on a wide variety of topics.

Each of these sessions is recorded and the tapes are available to researchers and members of the community.

All panels have been digitized and are described in the catalog; only some of them have transcripts available. None of them stream online.

To obtain access to an interview, you must request by contacting us directly, providing a brief description of your project and your research interests. Our email address is: info AT rainbowhistory DOT org

One of our team will share the file from our Google Drive, and you can listen from home. Please be sure to have "Music Player for Google Drive" enabled on your machine to play the recording. www.driveplayer.com


Rainbow History Project
Various narrators per recording

Access Rights

All Rainbow History Project Public Panels are open to the public free of charge. 

General recordings capture comments of the moderator, panelists, and audience participation. 

To listen to these recordings, you must have Music Player for Google Drive enabled.

Click here to listen to recording.

Collection Items

Explores the coming out process for women in the 1970s and 1980s.
Our panel will discuss not just how they came out as lesbians, but also what challenges they faced and what resources they found in DC for getting them through the coming out process…
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