Bruce Pennington Papers, 1947-2003, 21


Bruce Pennington Papers, 1947-2003, 21


Bruce C Pennington was born in Rugby, ND on September 17, 1947 and died in Washington, DC on August 26, 2003. He arrived in Washington, DC in the autumn of 1968 to work initially for Liberation News Service. In Washington, DC he was an early member of the Gay Liberation Front (1970-1974), founding member of the Stonewall Nation Media Collective, producers of the Friends radio program on WGTB-FM and WPFW-FM (1973-1982), of Black and White Men Together-DC, and of the Rainbow History Project (2000-2003). He served on the Washington, DC Human Rights Commission from 1988 to 1991. Pennington worked professionally as a chef and restaurant manager and a teacher of English. As one of the first gay men to serve as a foster parent to a gay youth, he gave credibility to the gay foster parenting campaign.

Series I of the Bruce C. Pennington collection consists of personal correspondence and photographs; career resumes, diplomas, and school documents; topical files and documents including the Gay Liberation Front-DC; business files, manuscripts, and newsletters from his tenure as president of Black and White Men Together-DC; files of Names Project memorabilia and obituaries of prominent members of the Washington, DC community, drafts of articles for The Advocate, . Series II consists of collected ephemera including gay-themed t-shirts, buttons, periodicals, and videotapes.


Pennington, Bruce C., 1947-2003

Collection Items

White t-shirt.
Stonewall: New York City

Keith Haring shirt
White t-shirt
Interlocking Male/Female symbols, Keith Haring

The Names Project<br /><br />
White t-shirt.
The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

Ignorance = Fear
Fight AIDS, ACT UP, Silence = Death, Ignorance = Fear

Silence = Death
Black shirt.
Silence = Death

Do Ask, Do Tell
White t-shirt.
White t-shirt, Do Ask Do Tell,

Do It With Friends WPFW-FM 89.3
Do It With Friends WPFW-FM 89.3. Bruce Pennington, a founder of the Stonewall Nation Media Collective, produced and broadcast radio program WGTB and WPFW from 1973 to 1982.

Gay Pride &#039;72
Group of attendees at Gay Pride '72. Although this was included with a number of photographs related to Gay Liberation Front-DC, and Washington D.C. did have its first Gay Pride Week in 1972, it is unknown whether this photograph was taken in…
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