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Bob Summersgill Collection, 42

Patrick T. Gertschen photograph collection, 41

Photograph albums, scrapbooks, and loose photographs taken by Patrick T. Gertschen (aka Pat O’Brien), at various LGBT community events from the 1970s…

T-shirts and textiles: Ephemera Collection

Mindy Daniels Component

GLAA Radio Ad Paperwork.pdf

This collection includes materials collected by prominent DC lawyer and activitist Mindy A. Daniels. It includes materials from her time in the…

Newsletters and Fliers of the LGBTQ Communities (Eaton-Kessinger, Series 2)

Gay CC Proclamation 1983.jpg

Includes newsletters collected from various sources related to the activities of many community organizations. Fliers, advertisements, brochures and…

Contributors: The Gay Community Center of Washington DC [1980s], The Gay and Lesbian Archive Project [1980s-1990], The Eaton-Kesinger Research Service [1990-2013], Rainbow History Project [2014-]

Black & White Men Together, 1981-2003

In the early 1980’s, a group of men formed Black and White Men Together of Washington, DC (commonly referred to with the acronyms “BWMT” and…

Contributors: BWMT-DC

Robert Mitchell "Judge" Coggin Collection


Robert Coggin founded and led the Suburban Maryland Gay Alliance (SMGA) in 1981 to advocate for gay issues in Montgomery County, MD. In the end of…

Contributors: Robert Mitchell "Judge" Coggin, Suburban Maryland Gay Alliance, Suburban Maryland Lesbian/Gay Alliance, Maryland Lesbian/Gay Alliance

Buttons, Pins, Patches, and Tokens: RHP Ephemera Collection


This is a collection of loose items collected from several different donors. Primarily composed of buttons with political messages, it also includes…

Contributors: Deacon Maccubbin
Robert Coggin Collection
Rainbow History Project
Bruce Pennington Collection
Unknown Donors

Gay Liberation Front, GLF-DC, Collection, 33


A radical leftist organization, the GLF-DC allowed gay men and women (though it was later abandoned by many lesbians and criticized for patriarchal…

Gay Women's Alternative, GWA-DC, Collection


Documents relating to the Gay Women's Alternative of DC from 1980 to 1993