Oral History Interview with Frank Blackburn, 1936-


Oral History Interview with Frank Blackburn, 1936-


Frank Blackburn, a long-time resident of Washington, D.C., recounts his arrival in the DC area, coming out, being a doctor during the AIDS crisis, and meeting his partner.


20 September 2015


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Frank Blackburn was born in Jersey City, New Jersey but moved to the DC area when he enlisted in the Navy as a doctor. He discusses his divorce, coming out to his family, and the acceptance of his children. He eventually met his current partner and joined the social group Asians and Friends. Asians and Friends was one of the first gay support groups for Asian-Americans in the nation, yet the splits emerged over the inclusion of non-Asians in the group. All the while, his time as a doctor, both in the Navy and in private practice was marked by homophobia and trepidation. While the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis did not hit his social group hard, he describes treating what he believes was the first AIDS case in the DC area. He bought a house in the Dupont area in 1986 with his partner and has lived there ever since. He describes LGBT places such as Mr. Ps, Badlands, Friends, Lost and Found, Tracks, JRs, Lambda Rising bookstore, and Whitman Walker Clinic.


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Frank Blackburn, 1936-


Washington, D.C.


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